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What Does Upselling Items Mean

zipify Overview

What Does Upselling Items Mean Zipify One Click Upsell Review | Facebook Advertising Agency | Facebook Marketing Company
Upselling is the sales technique that you can use to make your customers spend more after they have already decided to buy a product from you. While there are many upsell apps available for Shopify stores, you should focus on picking an application that allows the maximum customization and doesn’t ask customers for their payment information more than once.

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Zipify’s OneClickUpsell lets you create custom upsell and downsell offer pages that are shown to customers after they have already added a product to their cart and entered the payment details. The company claims to increase your revenue by 10-15% instantly, but at $47 a month, is it really worth it? Let’s find out. What Does Upselling Items Mean

About Zipify

Founded by Ezra Firestone, Zipify is a Shopify application that claims to have more than a thousand customers. It has a remote team working from multiple countries and the company offers two main products to Shopify users:

Zipify Pages: Helps users build visually appealing landing pages
Zipify One ClickUpSell: Allows users to create upsell or downsell offer pages
The company claims that after adding Zipify to their Shopify stores, users have noticed an instance 10-15% increase in sales. Zipify has total orders worth more than $400 and has helped its users gain $26 million extra in revenue. What Does Upselling Items Mean

Strengths and Weakness


Creates completely customizable upsell funnels with upsell and downsell offers
Allows you to create unlimited funnels
You can split test different offer products and page designs What Does Upselling Items Mean
Mobile optimized


No dedicated support
Doesn’t offer as many features as the other upsell applications
No priority support or plans for large enterprises making it only suitable for SMBs
No free trial (Though there is a 30-day money back guarantee)



Zipify’s OneClickUpsell helps users create completely customized post-purchase upsell funnels for the products on their ecommerce website. The app offers an easy to use drag and drop editor through which you can create upsell or downsell pages quickly. What Does Upselling Items Mean

For each upsell funnel, you can create a sequence of upsell and downsell offer pages. Users can create multiple upsell funnels and every product can have its own unique funnel.

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An upsell tag needs to be created for every funnel. This tag is then used to connect your store products to different funnels. The upsell funnels are added as hidden collections in Shopify and you can access them by going to Product �’ Collections in your Shopify admin.


After you create a funnel, you can add upsell or downsell offer products. You can either:

Create a new offer page
Copy an existing offer page

You can also change the order in which the offers are presented to the customers within an upsell funnel by changing the priority of each offer page. Funnel priority can be used when the cart contains products that trigger two or more funnels – The funnel with the highest priority will be triggered in that case.

For every upsell or downsell offer page, you can add customized title description and discounted costs. You can also change the colors of the offer pages to match your website theme. What Does Upselling Items Mean

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Once the upsell page is created, you can link it to the main product that should trigger the upsell funnel by adding the respective upsell tag to the trigger page.

You can also disable or enable upsell funnels, depending on your requirements.

Zipify allows you to present a maximum of three upsell and two downsell offers to the customers.

The customer will be continuously presented with at most three upsell offers if they keep accepting the upsells. A downsell offer is only presented to the customers when they decline the first or the second upsell offer.

If the customer declines the first downsell, they will be taken to the second downsell offer and then to the order confirmation page.


Zipify also allows you to split test the upsell and downsell offers that you have added to the upsell funnel. When you go on to create a split test, you will find two options:

Same product: With this, you can split test the same product against itself, but with a different page design to see which design performs better
Different product: With this option, you can split test different products in a particular upsell funnel position to analyze which one can return a higher conversion rate

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As a bonus, you get also get an email sequence to increase sales even further when you buy a subscription to OneClickUpsell. Its a set of five emails that you can initiate when a customer abandons the cart. The Zipify OCU also works seamlessly with Clickfunnels as well.


Zipify’s OneClickUpsell has a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan costs $47, while the annual plan costs $397 for a year (which comes down to about $33 per month). Apart from the fixed subscription charge, Zipify also takes 1.5% of the total upsell revenue.

There are no free trials available. You are charged right when you select a plan and enter your payment details. Though, the company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

While the costs are more affordable than the other upsell tools available online, a free trial, even for a few days would have been better as customers could get some time to try out the tool and see if it fits their business needs.


OneClickUpsell integrates seamlessly with all the major ecommerce applications including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, MailChimp, Klaviyo, and Active Campaign


Zipify has a help center with tutorials and documentation about OneClickUpsell. You can also directly email the company or send them a message through the live chat popup available on their website. Though Zipify does not specify anywhere about their response time.

In fact, the company explicitly states that in their Terms of Services as well. While they try to get back to their customers within one day, they do not guarantee or promise any specific response time. Zipify also doesn’t guarantee uptime.



Shopify’s ecommerce platform doesn’t share this problem. You don’t need to be a Shopify expert to set up shop and anyone can easily launch an online retail store within a matter of minutes. The main traits that differentiate Shopify’s ease of use from everything else out there are:

  • The platform gives you an already working online store structure, so instead of building a store piece by piece, you can just adjust the pieces that are already there (tune them to your liking), but essentially the core of the platform works right away (more on this in a minute).
  • You get to choose from ready-made designs (templates), so you don’t have to possess any design skills either (again, more on this in a minute).
  • The templates are also automatically responsive in design, meaning that your site will be optimized for mobiles as well as desktops and tablets.
  • Online payments are handled for you – no need to actually work with sensitive credit card data yourself. And you can even sell your products directly to your Facebook contacts (among other things).
  • You get your product catalog handled through an easy to grasp module within Shopify (more on this in a minute too).

All of the above adds up to a really reasonable solution – something that’s truly targeted towards novices and doesn’t require any technical skills.

Shopify third-party integrations What Does Upselling Items Mean

When using Shopify, you don’t have to solely rely on the built-in features that this platform provides for its users. You can easily utilize third-party integrations that will lead to an increase in sales and revenue. In fact, you should – as more than 80% of merchants on Shopify use third-party apps.


The best place to search for third-party apps that integrate with Shopify is the Shopify app store, where you can find more than 2000 apps in total. There are thousands of integrations out there that you can try out, but we have carefully selected the best in order for you to have the best experience. What Does Upselling Items Mean

Shopify offers integration with the Hubspot plugin that will help you get more traffic to your store, which will then increase your revenue. There are many benefits that come with using this integration, such as syncing important information like products and orders, getting insight into the new marketing trends and expanding your business in new areas.

Shoelace is an integration that enables you to retarget your customers, keep them engaged and introduce new ads that are specifically designed for your customer base. Another useful advantage is that you can connect this integration with your social media platforms in order to sync all your messages. What Does Upselling Items Mean

Klaviyo uses personalized marketing that will boost your sales and engage your customers. You can create newsletters or sync your existing subscribers to Klaviyo, add automated flows, send personalized coupons or alert your customers when a product is back in stock. This integration is easy to use and it’s bound to make the relationships with your customers stronger.

You also have the option of connecting your Shopify store to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to list all the products that you’re selling on these platforms, that will in turn increase your website traffic.

Shopify multilingual and multi-region information What Does Upselling Items Mean

If you have global clients, then it’s reasonable why you ‘d desire them to be able to search your items in their own language. By having access to these details in their native language, your customers will be able to have a much better understanding of the items you’re offering, which will, in turn, result in more sales.

Here’s the bright side– Shopify enables you to make your store multilingual. You will need to develop a different URL for your equated content in order for your customers to see the equated version. Another option for giving your customers the wanted translation is including third-party apps like Weglot that will equate your store. This is a very helpful option that’s worth looking into.

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There are many factors regarding why someone would want to broaden their Shopify shop to new countries. It could possibly result in a boost in consumers and sales and enhance your targeted marketing. You can include numerous nations that cover several continents, supplied that your stores have their own currency, domain, and inventory.

The choice of which countries you expand your service in is up to you. In order to make the very best decision, you’ll require to do your research study for where your organization might be popular in addition to listening to the queries and desires of your possible consumers who might not have access to your products due to delivering constraints.

You will require to go through a few steps in order to establish your store in another country, however, fortunately, the team at Shopify has produced a comprehensive guide that lists all the things you require to do in order to make your store multiregional.

Final Thoughts What Does Upselling Items Mean

Shopify has opened up the doors for entrepreneurs all over the world to start a business and become successful.  Though just opening a store won’t guarantee success.  There are a number of factors that go into the success or failure of an online business.  The biggest factor in the success of an online store has to do with the average order value.  That is why we recommend a post-purchase upsell sequence.  Zipify is the best in the business when it comes to post-purchase upsells where users are upsold after their initial purchase.

You can give Zipify a free test here.


Having access to tech support is crucial for any  company. You never  understand what  type of problem you  may  encounter.
As you know by now, one of the  advantages of using Shopify is the 24/7 phone support that‘s  offered for its customers. Apart from phone  assistance, you can also get in contact with the support team from Shopify through  numerous social media platforms and  e-mail. If you‘re the type that likes to get  fast answers, you can  constantly use their 24/7 live chat support.
Apart from  calling their  assistance  group, you can  likewise access useful  info through  utilizing their  aid center, where you can choose to read tips or  info  relating to a certain  problem you might be having.
That being  stated, one of the  downsides of using Shopify is their  action time. Namely, some  consumers are  dissatisfied about how long it takes for Shopify support to get back to you, which usually  involves a 30-minute hold time. This might be due to the growing number of customers they have. What Does Upselling Items Mean


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